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The work piece carrier that supports your automation processes

Nice idea –

Our deep drawing

technology makes it


more efficient

INtroducing the best  work piece carrier system of the world

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We are one of the

100 most innovative

companies in


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How we work


do it all


System solutions

How can

we make



more efficient?

Partner solutions


efficiency in


Plastic work piece carriers

Sustainibility out of


And Recycling


Innovation success awarded us!

We are once again one of the most innovative companies in the German middle class this year.

Variotech GmbH is one of the most popular employers on Kununu!

Variotech GmbH has been awarded from kununu to be a Top Company of 2022 and is thus among approximately 5 percent of the most popular companies on kununu.

Welcome to our facility in Indianapolis!

Get a behind-the-scenes look at our thermoformed packaging production in the US.

Visit us at the AutoPack Summit in Greenville SC!

Expand your knowledge about the new trends and automation possibilities of our workpiece carriers. Learn all about Variotech’s product range and advantages when using our custom designed workpiece carriers.
We are looking forward to meeting you!

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