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Every industry has its challenges – we meet them with efficiency.



20 years of experience in the one of the most demanding industries in the world.

Over the last 20 years, Variotech has successfully implemented several thousand projects with manufacturers and suppliers from the automotive industry. We are familiar with the high standards for quality and cost consciousness and know how to integrate our solutions in complex process chains. Our experience extends from small parts through to complete engine blocks that can be securely packaged, transported and automatically handled with our solutions. Based on our competence acquired working with hundreds of different work pieces in all sizes and shapes, our engineers are able to achieve impressive packing density. Our products also deliver other features such as rotary stacking for more efficiently storing empty packaging or matching feeders for existing products. The size of the work pieces plays little role. We can implement virtually any solution for up to 1200 x 1000 mm. In addition to the high standards for the design of the work piece carriers, the material used is also a critical component. Along with new materials, we also offer all common regrinds, plus special plastics such as ABS TPU, if very delicate work pieces are to be packaged. You can find an overview here. Our fast development times and low tool costs mean that we can respond swiftly to any need. Our organization is very familiar with the approval process according to VDA. For your sustainability considerations, all of our products can be recycled.
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When sensitive components are involved, the work piece carrier can’t be standard.

Over the past years, Variotech has acquired great competence in transport packaging solutions for electronic components. Our success is based on the fact that we don’t reach into a drawer with a standard catalog for solutions to customer requirements. We don’t see ourselves as just a supplier of high-quality packaging solutions – but as a creative partner for efficient processes. A logistical solution that can’t be seamlessly integrated in the production process isn’t one. The challenge is to develop work piece carriers that work in harmony with the automated systems and allow the components to be incorporated into the production process. A high degree of automation, good transport properties and an attractive price-performance ratio are the top priorities for our work piece carriers for electronic components. In doing so, we offer both returnable and one-way solutions depending on the requirements. ESD protection is nothing new for us, it’s part of our routine. All of our materials can meet this special requirement, naturally as both new material and as regrind. You can find an overview here. Especially sensitive components with necessary minimal residual particle contamination can be vacuumed with our in-house cleaning system in order to guarantee a minimal residual particle contamination. Immediately following the cleaning process, the work piece carriers are packaged and shipped right from the clean room.
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There is no margin for tolerance deviations where healthcare products are concerned.

We are aware of the high standards and requirements of our pharmaceutical customers and have worked together with our customers over the past years to grow and evolve. We are aware of the high standards and requirements of our pharmaceutical customers and have worked together with our customers over the past years to grow and evolve. Rather than relying on standard processes, the QM is integrated in production as an agile and independent element. This ensures that every work piece carrier leaves the plant in the same, high level of quality. In doing so, we rely on both experience and modern measurement methods. Our certified raw material suppliers provide us with the highest quality new materials such as ABS, PS and PET in almost all the RAL colors. Of course the materials are available with FDA certification. With our in-house cleaning system, we can ensure minimal residual particle contamination for very sensitive work pieces and prepare them for packaging directly in the clean room.