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High production quality isn't something you can just buy. With the know how of our employees, we have worked to achieve the highest standards and, with legitimate self-confidence, we can claim that no one offers better solutions than we do. This allows us to cover the entire process chain – from the design of the carrier for optimized packing density, to the proprietary toolmaking, through to in-house quality control. Our customers benefit from seamless quality, creative solutions and clear personal accountability at every step in the job. We may make standardized products for globalized processes, but the way there consists of many parts produced with manufacturing craftsmanship – made in Germany, in the full sense of the word.

Benedikt Fleig

“Achieving the maximum satisfaction of our customers is what drives us. Accepting, understanding, solving, implementing challenge.”

Proprietary development in tray design for maximum packing density


We want our customers to benefit from the best development we can imagine: our own. Eight engineers use a CAD program to develop the work piece carriers in constructive communication with sales. Our in-house know how lets us provide consistent contact points and secure commitment without fighting through red tape. To achieve excellent functionality together with optimal packing density, we draw on our experience from more than a thousand projects as well as a certain three-dimensional talent for getting the maximum out of every centimeter. In fact, we have often heard from customers that we find ways to optimize when others have given up.

“As a design engineer, I look forward to new and sometimes unfamiliar challenges every day.”

Eric Zeitel
Senior design engineer

Realistic 3D printed model for functionality check


What could hardly be imagined 20 years ago is practical reality today: production of individual pieces on a 3D printer directly from a CAD program. We put the new technology to work for us early on in development and customer service and print samples for testing purposes in 3D, sometimes even complete work piece carriers. This allows us to check, for instance, whether the nests have been optimally designed for work pieces or the distances are correct for gripper arms – before we begin series production. The 3D printers we use are so accurate that there is hardly any measurable difference between the printed and series products. For our customers, this represents an enormous head start between draft and series production, as well as savings during production of the work piece mold.

Alexander Lenz

Head of CNC / Toolmaking

“It is like lifelong learning.

Every day, we work on a new, customized project”

Proprietary tool engineering for controlled product quality


Craftsmanship paired with engineering expertise is critical for toolmaking. We rely on our team of specialists who contribute experience acquired from making thousands of tools. Communication isn't a one-way street: The close collaboration between development and tool engineering and the direct, practical feedback from the machine room enable us to get the most out of the material. A machine plant with computer-assisted milling is available for implementing the designs. In addition to our quality control, our customers value our proprietary tool engineering because we can implement last minute changes quickly and directly.

The tools are stored as mobile units on company premises so they are quickly available for a production order.

“Our standard is to meet the highest quality requirements in our digitally networked production.”

Marc Schoo
Head of production

Experienced production for consistent production quality


Production quality is a matter of the quality of employees. Our shift supervisors and machine operators with excellent training are the assets that go into producing consistent quality at competitive costs for our customers. To that end, we provide a modern machine plant that is digitally linked to our central performance monitoring system. Stoppages are a step back: We are constantly growing and refining our thermoforming technology in order to pass new benefits on to our customers. Another building block of our high production quality: We have the same high standards for purchasing our materials as we do for ourselves and maintain an open and transparent collaboration with longtime partners.

Jasmin Bron
Head of quality assurance

“Nobody is perfect. But we are pretty darn close.”

Agile quality management as a key element of production


Our quality assurance quite literally never sleeps. Because our machines work uninterrupted in three-shift operation, our QM is also on-site 24 hours a day. Our employees have devoted themselves to perfection; any deviations are immediately addressed with the production team in order to proactively avoid errors. To that end, we rely on both an experienced eye and state-of-the-art QS tools such as automatic wall thickness measurements. We offer our customers transparency in our quality standard: upon request, we can provide our QS parameters live via the cloud. And of course, our operations are certified according to ISO 9001.