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“I used to be a Variotech work piece carrier” –
Sustainably produced,

sustainably transported.

We are happy to do it ourselves: Variotech work piece carriers are 100% recyclable.

There is no getting around the issue of sustainability.

Resource-efficient production has been a top priority for businesses for years.

Today’s global process chains focus not only on an outstanding cost/benefit ratio, they also put great emphasis on their ecological footprint.


At Variotech, sustainability isn’t just an empty marketing promise, it’s what we live every day. Not a bit of trays ends up in the ocean or on the beach. Every company that transports their goods with our products has three reasons to be confident of our resource-efficient production:

1. 100 % recyclable material: Every Variotech work piece carrier can be put completely back into material production. It doesn’t matter how long the work piece carrier had been in use or whether it was scrap material from the production line. We grind our returned products or product waste together with our raw material suppliers in single varieties for our range of regrinds, and turn it into new work piece carriers just a little later. You can therefore orders trays from Variotech made of recycled plastic (see: regrinds) or original material.


2. Returning used work piece carriers: A service we offer, not a requirement for our carriers – our customers have the option to recycle their work piece carriers with us anytime instead of disposing of them elsewhere.


3. Sustainable production: In August 2018, we were distinguished by the State of Lower Saxony for our work in sustainability. In particular, our efficient and resource-conserving activities were highlighted. Learn more here.