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Project Elektro –

12 components for

the robot arm,

an intelligent


The challenge:

Inflow optimization for production

Together with its specialty machine builder, our customer came to us with the challenge of automating the inflow of electronic components in the production process. Due to the number of different of components, at least 12 different work pieces per carrier were needed. The challenge consisted of placing the parts with different sizes and weights in one work piece carrier such that the gripping mechanism could easily grasp the correct part at the correct position. Not your usual endeavor, an exciting undertaking for our team.

The returnable solution

with work piece carriers from Variotech can thereby take 12 components at once into production:

Project Setup

Contact established by the planning team including a detailed initial description of the challenge at hand.

The details were discussed in a total of three personal meetings – these included specification of the requirements, alignment with the capabilities at Variotech, and an initial outline of solutions.


Requirements for electrical components manufacturers:

  • Ability to deposit components into deep drawn trays directly from the injection molding machine

  • Transport from there to the assembly line

  • Automatic supply of components through palletizing stations

  • Automatic removal and assembly as finished part, without intermediate positioning if possible

Requirements checklist Variotech:

  • How many different versions of components need to be packed?

  • What are the specifications of the automation system?

  • To what extent is palletizing capability important and what about self-centering and positioning accuracy?

What we offer

Grab a cost proposal from the drawer and that’s it? Not at Variotech.

The complex requirements mean that sales and engineering work together with the customer and their plant manufacturer to develop a concept that includes all of the parameters. Among other things, this includes cost-efficient tools, a high level of flexibility with component variants, cost-effective series production, uniform quality and compliance with the specifications set out by the plant manufacturer.

Based on the concept, Variotech was ultimately able to mold a specific quote with figures and deliverables. Due to the joint preliminary work, the proposal from Variotech eliminated any surprises and was approved by our new customers after just two adjustment rounds.


Intelligent automation solution:

The challenge for our engineers was to implement work piece carriers that could integrate all of the component variants and at the same time have account for the necessary features for the production line. The addition of undercuts ensures that the packaging can be palletized.

Efficient design of usable space:

An intelligent nesting design enables the maximum number of work pieces to be packed per tray.

Our development engineers combine experience with knowledge about the technical possibilities.
In addition to ensuring smooth handling on the automated line, it was clear that the solution also had to incorporate a high packing density and reliable centering capabilities when stacking.


Once the initial sample production was ordered, the sample trays for testing could be checked on the customer's system and adjusted within just a few days.

Pilot series:

After implementing the few changes, the customer gave the green light for series production.

Mission accomplished, thank you for your order.