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Returnable tray
Developed for the cost-efficient and safe cleaning of work pieces:
Frames are lightweight and easy to handle –
Interior workings are as individual
as most efficient.

The Challenge

In modern industry, automatic processes in the production of components require only occasional manual work. Even the manual cleaning of work pieces has been replaced by automated cleaning. Regardless of the size of the work pieces, modern cleaning systems call for lightweight yet stable brackets that can withstand the high temperatures and cleaning techniques such as ultrasound. The parts should remain securely fastened in position during cleaning, the trays should be easy to fill and capable of being seamlessly integrated in the process chain.


Thermoformed work piece carriers made of recyclable plastic from Variotech cover all of the prerequisites to meet the needs of demanding process managers. The Fox carrier system offers superior efficiency and cost-efficient solutions for cleaning work pieces in virtually any size and for every process technology. Compared to metal solutions, the frame is lightweight but, thanks to the thermal memory of the plastic, it does not tend toward permanent distortion even at higher cleaning temperatures. In addition, the work piece carriers can be produced in series at less expensive material costs. The configuration of the carrier surface, developed with the help of CAD programs, produces an outstanding packing density with precisely formed and stable nests for the work pieces. Forming to the exact millimeter and advance testing with 3D printing ensures that the parts are precisely fitted for cleaning. Sharp edges such as on steel wire bins are eliminated.

Cost efficiency

made by Variotech:

specific interior workings

for maximum packing density –

series production in lightweight design

Benefits of the Fox work piece carrier system

As lightweight as plastic, as stable as metal

Compared to stainless steel, thermoformed plastic is significantly lighter and yet more resistant to impact and distortion.

Equipped for automated handling

The work piece carrier system can be adjusted to fit existing process chains for automatic loading and unloading.

Ideal for ultrasonic cleaning

Trays made of polypropylene plastic are lightweight, robust and suitable for longterm use in ultrasonic cleaning baths.

Thermal resistant

Thanks to the thermal memory of our plastics, the work piece trays resume their original shape even after a temporary expansion due to heat.

No risk of injury from sharp edges

The work piece trays in the Fox system are made of one thermoformed piece or consist of a few pieces screwed together.

Sample applications

Cylinder liners
Tubular bags
Pump plates
Gear pistons