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Project: Tank-vessel for antibody detection systems for COVID-19

The challenge:

To develop an individual tray for the components of the antibody detectors for the COVID-19 test as soon as possible.

Our customer set us with the challenge of designing, developing and producing a workpiece carrier for components of the COVID-19 rapid test. The biggest challenge was the short timeline, as the demand for this test was rapidly increasing due to the strong spread of the pandemic.  Specifically, our team had less than 2 weeks between first contact with the customer and the finished serial production.


Project Setup

Establishment of contact by the purchasing team of our customer including a detailed, initial explanation of the upcoming challenge.

We have going into detail, within a short time. The requirements were specified, summarized with the possibilities of Variotech and the first approaches for solutions were discussed.


Requirements of the customer:

  • Two different tanks with different geometries have to be accommodated in the workpiece carrier
  • Manual and automated insertion and removal of the individual tanks have to be possible
  • The tanks have to be gripped over both long sides

Requirements check Variotech:

  • What dimensions should the concept be designed for?
  • What are the specifications of the automation system?
  • What are the differences between the different tanks?
  • By which arrangement of the tanks can the maximum packing density be achieved?
  • Are there any special requirements for the material?

What we offer

Individuality is a top priority at Variotech. In close cooperation with the customer, the sales and design departments developed an effective concept in accordance with the complex requirements. Not only the logistics concept was convincing, also the cost breakdown.

In the end, the individual concept turned into a concrete offer. This convinced the customer directly. The customer triggered an order overnight. Thus, both parties to the contract were able to meet the requirement of the tight time schedule.


Design in 3D model:

Variotech works with the original data of the workpieces in CAD models to achieve the biggest possible benefit for the customers. The customer provided 3D data, which our designers used to develop the nests in which the tanks are placed.

Efficient useful area design:

An intelligent nest design determines the optimal packing density to pack several tanks per pallet. Our design engineers have used their experience and the given technical possibilities to develop an optimal layout with maximum efficiency.


After the order of the tool, the test trays were made available to our customer within a few days, so they could be tested and used in the internal process.

Pilot series:

After a short test phase of the samples, the customer was able to release the workpiece carriers directly. Regarding the customer's tight time schedule, Variotech made it possible to produce and deliver the series quantity of workpiece carriers within 2 weeks.

Mission accomplished, thank you for your order.