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Variotech awarded to innovation champion

Letting go of the old and try something new: Variotech is not afraid of the change, but see it as an opportunity. The company was convincing at the 27th round of the TOP 100 innovation competition. Variotech will be one of the TOP 100 awarded companies. In the scientific selection process, the company impressed in the B size class (51 to 200 employees) particularly with the innovative success. This is the fourth time that Variotech has been among to the top innovators.


Variotech manufactures workpiece carriers in various sizes and for different application fields – e.g. for robotics: robots are not smart, they only do the work for which they have been programmed. They can only grip a workpiece, if it is in the exactly right place. The workpiece carrier of the TOP 100 company Variotech are precisely adapted to such processes. "The machine suppliers build the racetrack and we build the matching racing cars" said managing director Benedikt Fleig as a comparison. So that the “racing car”, i.e. the workpiece carrier, fits the "track" to one hundred percent, the Variotech employees check it in advance using prototypes from the 3D printer.


The field of expertise of the four-times top innovator comprises heavy duty workpiece carriers for loads up to three tons. The company has its own patent in this field. "We are industry standard in this field and have the know-how lead of about ten years," explained Benedikt Fleig. All workpiece carriers are fully recyclable and consist of recycled material upon customer request. The first workpiece carriers are now even being produced CO2-neutrale. This is not only innovative, but also protects the environment.