Variortech – Always one Idea ahead

Teamwork is our greatest asset and has allowed for constant growth in the past 18 years. Founded as a 3-man-business in 1998, in a short period of time we have grown to be the market leader in terms of quality for workpiece carriers in the automobile industry.

Every single Variotech-employee has the goal to fulfill the exact needs of their customers. This day-to-day challenge has molded our team together. The above-average satisfaction of our customers is as much our reward as it is our motivation. The way is the goal – and we are on the right way.

Every stalemate is a setback. Ambition, curiosity, and willingness to experiment are the future. At Variotech, one thinks, works, and lives according to the Japanese philosophy of “Kaizen” (Kai = change, Zen = for the better). Not only does this philosophy encourage us to innovate, it guides our way to a step-by-step optimization of working practices and products. The constant search for improvement of the whole motivates us as individuals to deliver our greatest creative efforts.


For the Beginning of the training period on the 1st August 2017 we offer the following apprenticeships (also for retrainees):

CNC Cutting Machine Operator
Industrial Clerk
IT-System Electronics Technician
Process Mechanic for Synthetic/Rubber
Industrial Electrician/ Mechatronics Technician

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